The 3 Myths of Buying Art Online

July 20, 2020 at 4:00 AM
This is a picture of a woman buying art online.

With online shopping extending its reach to the food, clothing, and many other industries, buying art online has also become an option for shoppers looking to add a piece or two to their collection. By making art shopping digital, shoppers open their world to artists they may not have been exposed to or were even aware existed. While it’s always wonderful to check out and shop from local galleries, that is not always a possibility for those looking to purchase art. Living in remote areas or simply not finding a piece to suit your tastes is no longer the challenge it once was because of the power of internet shopping. However, several myths persist that may deter art aficionados from finding their perfect piece.

1. It’s Not the Same as Buying in Person

Shoppers often want something tangible while browsing, and while touching a painting with your hands is severely frowned upon, taking it in with your eyes can be considered an important aspect of the shopping experience. While this is true, cameras and digital representation have come a long way and artists are often eager to showcase their pieces in-situ, that is, photograph them in homes and on walls. That way, an online shopper can easily imagine the scale of the piece and get a feel for how it looks offscreen. Technological advances and AR (Artificial Reality) mean that shoppers can take a photo of their home or where they intend the piece to hang and digitally insert the art into the photo. Imagine taking a picture of your living room and instantly seeing what a painting would look like on your wall without ever leaving the house! Chatting to a gallerist or the artist can also be done online or through the phone. Getting the advice of an art professional without going to a gallery has never been this easy.

2. Returns Are Impossible

This will depend on the gallery or artist you are buying from, so make sure to include this stipulation if you think there is a chance you may want to return the piece. If you are commissioning a piece, you will be working closely with the artist and everyone I have made commissions for in the past were happy with the end result.

3. There Is a High Chance of Damage During Delivery

Transporting art is in itself somewhat of an art. There are dedicated services set up for the sole purpose of transporting fine art. Specialized processes and equipment are used every step of the way to ensure your piece arrives safely. When you buy from a local gallery, transport, and delivery is still something shoppers must deal with. After all, you wouldn’t just throw the painting in the back of your car and head home! I work with professional art delivery companies to ensure your chosen painting gets to its destination in perfect condition, be it locally, state-wide, or nationally.

Is Buying Art Online Right for Me?

Buying art online is right for anyone! Blank walls should be filled with something beautiful, and for me, that means a painting, print, or photograph. Adding a piece you truly love makes a house a home, and anyone with an internet connection and a computer can begin their online art buying journey. You can start by checking out my gallery and getting in touch!