3 Reasons Oil on Canvas Paintings are Timeless

August 27, 2020 at 6:00 AM
oil on canvas paintings from matt kaplinsky

There has never been a better time for art collectors and casual fans alike in terms of access to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Whether you’re searching for classic editions of are looking to commission your own piece, oil on canvas paintings have remained one of the most popular styles of painting among certain circles for hundreds of years.

But while not everyone can afford or has access to hundred-plus-year-old pieces of art, they do have the chance to find and commission a personal piece. And, as more people discover the timeless appeal of oil paintings, we can only expect that demand will rise. Here are three reasons people’s love of oil paintings has persisted for so long.

Reason #1: They’re versatile

No two paintings ever look the same. Of course, styles and genres exist, but the application of the oil, as well as the final product, plays a huge role, too. Oil has a range of thin to thick and can be either quite opaque or thin, depending on the amount of solvent used to make the painting more transparent.

Oil paintings take some time to dry, which gives the artist time to augment, add, or remove paint from the canvas. This ability to work and rework is one of the defining features of creating a truly unique oil painting and one that has made this medium one of the most beloved for hundreds of years.

Reason #2: Potential value

In theory, art is invaluable. But many pieces of art are worth quite a bit of money—especially those that have managed to last for centuries. Although classic pieces are often incredibly hard to track down, modern artists still choose oil on canvas paintings to deliver some of their finest work.

While some modern artists have found fame through their work, many lesser-known artists produce equally attractive art. This is why it’s important for potential buyers to explore the artist’s gallery and discover what they appreciate about the work. This exposes them to a range of options, as well as styles, and helps them understand any potential value the art might bring down the road. Who knows; the painting they commission could be worth significant sums if the artist gains wider acclaim.

Reason #3: Global intrigue

Historians believe that humans began painting with oil sometime around the 7th century in Afghanistan. This history has created an allure for both dedicated collectors and casual fans alike and has been a driving factor in many people’s desire to buy and collect oil paintings. Though few have paintings more than a couple hundreds of years old, attraction to this style of painting is due in large part to its long history from Asia across the globe, especially in Western Europe and the Americas.

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