Contemporary Art

December 8, 2022 at 1:00 PM
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Making a “Mark” and Art Miami

With the ending of Art Miami, “…Americas foremost contemporary and modern art fair,” it has inspired us to pose these simple questions: What is the main factor in driving people to physically view art? Why are people attracted to contemporary and modern art? We often see a battle of definitions between modern and contemporary because the complexity of defining “present day” often blurs the lines of time period, technique, and style. If we are under the impression that all art is unoriginal, it can be quite freeing to all artists. If you are creating art that an audience enjoys your art can be seen as “worth it.” We can point to Mark Rothko as prime example of a contemporary artist whose desire was to create art that people reacted to. He was committed to the idea that “…there was little left to say, artistically, about portraits and landscapes and there was a need to discover new ways to express the important things in life” ( Rothko is, conveniently, the answer to both of our questions. He took massive risks in presenting works that focused on making the viewer feel rather than making something that abided by strict realism. It’s the simple fact that all styles of contemporary art are existing at once; there are no longer massive, individualized movements (Investec).

The Art

People have, and probably always will be, interested in how other people view the world. Therefore, gathering at events like Art Miami is so special to consumers because it allows a massive amount of people to view all those different styles. On our side of the fence Art Miami is hosting a plethora of floral surrealism, still lifes, and abstract works from various galleries around the country. Catalyst Contemporary, Contessa Gallery, Coral Contemporary Gallery, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Duque Arango Galeria and Gallery Naga are just a few of the galleries being showcased that present works that could be placed in those categories. There are about 160 galleries that go on display throughout the event and ideally there is a piece of art for everyone who wishes to wander the grounds. Events like Art Miami and the many other events that happen within Miami Art Week are made possible by the sole desire of people wishing to see art. Just by giving galleries a platform/space to present works by their artists is monumental in their mutualistic success. There is nothing in this world that competes with seeing a piece of art in a physical space. To know that you’re standing within just feet of where the original artist stood is a feeling one must experience to understand. Want to experience that feeling but can’t go to Miami? Drop by and see some of Matt’s beautiful work at our partnered galleries.