How to Choose Art That's Perfect for You

February 28, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Deciding which pieces of art to bring into your home can be overwhelming and intimidating. Everyone has different tastes, so while your friends and family may mean well, they might also be giving you advice based on what they’d want in their homes. I’m here to help you from an artist’s perspective, and at Matt Kaplinsky Gallery, I’ll make sure you get what speaks to you. Here are some tips for ending up with the art you love.

What You Like Is What You Like

Choose pieces that speak to you and remember – it doesn’t have to make sense. If a certain combination of colors, content and texture whispers to you, you should listen. You may adhere to certain rules in other areas of your house, such as choosing neutral furniture or soothing wall color palates, so there aren’t clashes between walls, floors and furniture, but there are no rules when it comes to art.

Use your walls for your eclectic, irrational or classic choices. Remember, art is personal. How a piece speaks to you will be different from anyone else, and what each means to you is the only story that matters. Your art doesn’t have to match one thing in your house as long as it conveys what you want to express and means something to you.

Get to Know the Artist

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It can be fun getting to know the artist of your favorite pieces. In doing so, you get certain insights into what inspires them. As you learn bits and pieces of their process, you can add to the story you see in each piece. For instance, I’m inspired by my travels and the photographs I take. I see a story in each one, and my inspiration comes out in my work. 

If my work speaks to you, it’s now your story and your inspiration. The same is true of any artist. If you can’t meet an artist in person, do some reading about them – not to find a definition for the work, because art has no definition, only feeling, but to connect with the artist. Each piece will mean a little bit more to you when you feel a sense of connection with the artist inspired to create it. 

Visit Galleries and Art Events

Being exposed to new and fresh art can inspire you in ways you never imagined. Just being surrounded by fresh perspectives can inspire you to bring home a new piece, rearrange what you have or even commission a piece by your new favorite artists. 

A word about commissioning a piece from your favorite artist – remember why you love them. A commission is done so you can get exactly the size you want for the space you have in mind. Collaborate with the artist but also understand we need to communicate what we can and can’t do so you’re not disappointed and the experience is a wonderful one for both client and artist. 

Highlight Your Favorite Pieces

Image by Uwe Baumann from Pixabay

Whatever art you choose, bring it to the forefront of the room. Art makes us feel inspiration, joy, peace and so much more, so let that run free in your house. You can let it stand alone or bring more of your favorite things near it as a tribute to everything that inspires you. 

Matt Kaplinsky

I describe my current work as folksy impressionism. I hope those who visit my gallery and those who take home pieces to call their own continue to draw joy and inspiration for years to come. I’d love to hear from you with questions, purchase requests or commission inquiries. Contact me here, call me at 214-543-4796 or email