The Benefits of Hiring an Expert Painter: Travel, Portrait, Landscape Paintings

May 22, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Those interested in paying someone to create a custom painting may be tempted to cut corners. However, it's more than worth it to seek out an expert painter for your commission, especially for custom work. Whether you're ordering a portrait as a gift or landscape paintings as decorations, you don't want to pay for something that doesn't meet your expectations. Here are just 3 of the major benefits of hiring an expert for your custom artwork.

1. Expert Paintings Last

Those who are more experienced and established in creating custom paintings tend to have access to far better materials. The quality of the paint, the canvas, and the bristles of each brush can have a major effect on the painting as a whole. More amateur paintings may look high-quality when they first arrive, but over the years, the wear and tear become increasingly visible. 

Paintings made by experts tend to be more durable, giving clients years and years of enjoyment. If you're going to order custom artwork, why not make it an investment that is going to stand the test of time?

2. There's No Surprises

Expert painters are typically far more prepared for the potential setbacks and challenges that come with creating and mailing custom paintings. A competent artist will be able to meet deadlines, accommodate any sudden issues, and confidently traverse the transport and shipping aspect of the business. 

When ordering custom art, the last thing you want to be dealing with is extra fees being added to your bill because of an underestimation of art supplies or a transportation issue. Working with an expert instead gives you more assurances against these issues.

3. You Can View Their Portfolio

Any expert painter will have a portfolio that potential clients can access online, allowing them to browse and compare the work of different professionals. Being able to view an artist's portfolio before hiring them makes you to distinguish which artists may not be able to give you the results you want. With professional artists, you'll have a much easier time in determining whether or not they can accommodate your individual needs.

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You can rely on Matt Kaplinsky for professional custom portrait, architecture, and landscape paintings. This Texas-based artist is highly experienced in painting from both memory and photographs, allowing him to create the painting of your dreams from an image and/or a personal consultation. His diverse portfolio shows his versatility and his ability to alter his painting style to suit each individual client. He prioritizes open communication above all else to ensure each and every client is satisfied with the final product. 

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